Growing Financially

generosityAt First Brethren, we take the Bible seriously. All of it. The Bible teaches that we are to be faithful to God not only with our marriages, our jobs, and our time, but with our finances as well. We're also realists and know that the majority of people today don't do well in the area of their finances when it comes to following God. Many people have credit card debt, don't tithe, and have fights in their families over things regarding money.

We want you to be blessed by God and part of being blessed by God is letting God be #1 in your life in the area of your finances. There's help. There's hope.

3 Commitments

Members at First Brethren have been challenged to make 3 commitments as we follow Jesus and give him control over our whole life.

  1. I will commit to tithing to God 10% of my income to the local church
  2. I will commit to get out of debt.
  3. I will commit to being generous.

You're not on your own with these commitments. We're here to walk along side you and help you live these commitments out. Here's how:

1. Tithing is easy to do at Bryan FBC

Tithing Options at Bryan FBC

  • Checks in Sunday offering
  • Cash or Check in an Offering Envelope Sunday mornings
  • Online banking-set Bryan FBC up as a "bill" and automate it to be printed and automatically sent on the time schedule you set up

2. You can be debt free!

You didn't go into debt following Jesus, but you can follow him out of debt!

Opportunities Available to you to help you get out of debt

3. Being generous is more fun than being greedy!

cup of waterThere are always plenty of ways to help out financially over and above your tithe. Here are a few regular opportunities available to you:

Directly Through Bryan FBC...

  • Deacon Ministry - helping families in the Bryan Community in need
  • Youth Ministry - help kids participate in Merge programming by sponsoring a student!
  • Church Camp Scholarship fund - make a difference in a child's life and sponsor them for a week of camp during the summer!
  • Operation Christmas Child - Each November we put boxes together and bless children all over the world!
  • Check the weekly bulletin for spontaneous needs where you can make a difference!

In association with Bryan FBC...

  • Sanctuary Homeless shelter - A Bryan FBC ministry partner
  • Brethren Relief - our denomination's disaster relief service
  • H.E.L.P - The Bryan Area Ministerial Association's community food pantry

To offer some generosity toward any of these opportunities listed above, please contact the church office using the information provided below.