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Are you interested in a deep, authentic relationship with Jesus? The end of you is the beginning! In the Bible Jesus challenges us to pick up our cross and die to ourselves. But what does that actually mean?
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Chase the Lion

If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Small!
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No one wants a shallow relationship, right? We want to sink the roots of our relationships deep into love. Deeper conversations and bonding. Deeper intimacy and passion. And that's exactly what Deep Love can do for you.
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Life On Mission... God's people finding God's heart for the world!
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Good Afternoon Church! There are some exciting things happening this weekend...
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TheRed and The Blue

Politics divide like no other. For the next 3 weeks we will wrestle with what it means to be politically active, and yet still charitable toward those who disagree with us.
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The Great Co-Mission

"We can never afford to think so highly of ourselves that we believe the church is for us. We are the church and we are here to focus on them!"- Tom Mercer
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Maundy Thursday Communion Experience

Join us tonight @ FBC for our Maundy Thursday Communion Experience as we reflect on the events that led up to Jesus betrayal, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. But here's a question we need to answer... Are we only called to reflect? Or are we called to so much more?
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Have you ever been Stressed Out? Anxious? Overwhelmed by your circumstances? There's good news- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
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