The Great Co-Mission


May 10, 2016

During our staff meeting this morning I came across this quote: "We can never afford to think so highly of ourselves that we believe the church is for us. We are the church and we are here to focus on them!" -Tom Mercer

We as Christians have a purpose in life... Matthew 28: 19 Jesus says, "Therefore go and make DISCIPLES of all nations... " (my own emphasis on disciples). This is called the great commission... a command from Jesus himself that we are to be seekers, out seeking the lost... But too often in today's Christian Culture we believe that the Church exists to meet my needs and my desires and we totally forget about the lost...those who are far from Christ. We all have a job to do when it comes to the body of Christ.... that's why it is necessary that you partner with a local church and get involved in their mission to reach the lost. Consider the Great Commission as your Great Co-Mission.

Here at BryanFBC our mission is: Pursuing God and Pursuing People... and it is our desire that all those who call FBC their church home would partner with us and make that their Co-Mission as well!

Mission Forward!

-Pastor Brent

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