July 26, 2016

Good Afternoon Church!  There are some exciting things happening this weekend that I wanted to make you all aware of.  The first thing is we are launching a new series called The Bible Doesn't Say That.  You can read more about this series in the Blog right under this one.  It's going to be good so be sure you join us for the next Five weeks.  

The second thing I'm really excited about was an email I received last week while at Conference.  It was from one of the leaders of a ministry called Ministry Pass.  Ministry Pass is a subscription based tool that helps Pastors by giving them access to tons of creative church content.  A lot of our graphics and sermon series ideas come from this ministry.  About a year or so ago I had sent them an email just thanking them for their ministry and how much it has blessed me and has helped me as I made the transition to becoming a Lead Pastor.  I actually went way more in depth with sharing my story about that transition, but I won't put that here so I can keep this somewhat short.  They had emailed me back and wanted to let me know how much that email had inspired them and they enjoyed hearing my story.

Fast forward now to last week and I received another email from a guy named Wade from Ministry Pass.  He said that his boss had forward my story to him and that they would love to fly up spend a couple hours with me and film my testimony to be used on their website as they are gearing up to launch into their third year of ministry to church leaders.  I was blown away.. of all the Pastors and churches they could have asked... They wanted to come to Bryan, Ohio... to First Brethren Church!

So...  This Saturday 3 representatives from Ministry Pass will be flying into Chicago and will be here to worship with us this Sunday.  Yes you will see some cameras as they will be filming our service this Sunday... and then after the service I will be spending some time with them filming my story that I had shared with them a year and a half ago.  I'm crazy excited for all that God is doing through our ministry here at FBC!

One last thing... please keep these three guys in your prayers as they travel this weekend (their names are Wade, Justin, and Chris), Make them feel welcomed on Sunday morning as you see them, pray for me that I would talk clearly during the afternoon filming, and pray that this all would be a blessing and God would use it to His glory as we continue in our Mission of Pursuing God and Pursuing People!

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